sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2011

Post-date depression (I)

I'm facing a depression after each date. Very similar to postdrog depression when all you wanna do is sleep. Alone! Then you remember you crave to be in some big arms that squeeze you and give you that horribly sweet sense of belonging that some weak bimboes such as myself need.

Anyway, I date. With my period's regular repetitivity. And I suck at it everytime. Well, they suck at me, to be more clear. It's like It's written in stars for me to meet all the weirdoes in town and since I'm dating foreigners, in the world! Some people like me just have it in their blood. They're "weigl" That means they have weirdoes-glue.

I'm a weigl,
The problem with weigls is that they never see it coming. Like with this guy from last night. Everything seemed soo cute&cool on email&sms, we were supposed to have a midnight picnic in the park with bubble wiiine and muffins (don't laugh)!, but it ended up raining and he ended up inviting himself at my place. Excuse me!?

Need I to mention it was a first&blind date?. Aaaanyway

I got pissed and told him he's not gonna get laid tonight so bye. He kept insisting that I took it in the wrong way (no shit!?) and managed to make me feel guilty and stereotypical judgemental and being a weigl I decided to give him another chance and see him afterall in a bar near my place cuz I felt too lazy&unmotivated to go downtown.
Here's the funny part now
The guy could not stand smoky places sooo he insisted that I'd buy him aye-drops so he's join me at the bar. Excuse mee?!?(again)

I thought that was a bad joke but, actually it wasn't. So now i was really pissed. I didn't get it- after a week of emails and sms where I thought I discovered this nice&cute&smarty&sensitive&whatever guy I got this horrible monkey desperate to have sex and asking me to buy him eyes-drops so he'd do me the favouir and have a drink with me in a bar?Ha! Nevah!

So I told him fuck to fuck off!Big time!

Oh my!

Stay tunned for the next episode on Weigle TV!

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