joi, 26 mai 2011

Superman ( I )

I don't know about you but I've always been seduced by superheroes. My wildest fantasy is a supermen orgy.Or not. Anyway.

It was one of those boring office days when you feel your life is passing by and waves hello to you. Hello, then goodbye.

A click of mouse later I had en intresting e-mail :"Hey Catwoman, how good are your driving skills?Batman let me down in the monday mission(some kids wanna break into a bank, the usual) and I would be needing you. I know you've been dying to meet me flesh&bones for centuries anyway, that's your chance"(+phone number).

Ok. I said-damn he's good. He wrote it on e no-reply e-mail adress so the number was all I could use.

I gave it a rest, tried not to get fuzzy about any strike that seems a bit better than mediocre but I saved his number in my phone agenda. Just in case, you know, for those times you;re stuck in the bus, awfull traffic, no book with you, no one who answers your call.

And one night, in the metro train, I wrote him the first sms.He answered back. And so on. For months.

Me&Superman were relaxed, we did't write every day, we weren't talking about common topics, we never asked boring questions. It was always a surreleastic change of sms , about catwoman in Africa or Superman in Thailland. In our messages, we were 2 superheroes, flying in an instant wherever we wanted in the universe and saving the world. I loved this fantasy I could have at any sound of an sms sent or received. I wanted to keep it this way...

Till one night when, at 4 am in my sweetest dreams I got a message from Superman(yes, i wake up very easely and, read sms in my sleep and even answer them), but he never wrote me a message that late and I was pissed(Catwoman needs beauty sleep, right?). He  was drunk and wanted to meet me next day! No shit!

Wrote hgim back to fuck off and date Hannah Montana or smth. He will definitely pay for waking me up. Someday. Then, switched my phone off. I know drunk men, they cannot stop once they have an idea stuck in their beerbrains, d'oh!

Couple of days later...

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