duminică, 29 mai 2011

Superman (II)

Couple of days later I had that horrible date I told you about-the weirdo nanochemist who turned out to be such yuckie. I came home , got naked-drunk on my own ( cute, eh?) and called Superman. In the middle of the night. Actually it wasn't THAT late, cuz Mr. Prince Chemist Charming NOT sent me home at 9 after he drank all my wine, but nevermiiiind, I called Supie! And woke him up! Yay! The time of revenge has come!

Well , what I did was that I wine-d and whined with Superman about my horrible date in details while he made fun of me *rolling eyes* till morning.

I was pretty tipsy (ahem) so took the next day off and did all the horrible shit I never do- make fries(I never eat fried stuff), drink coke( same) and watched The Young &The Restless on TV and wished I had a boyfriend!!?(I almost never wish that, not even when I date hot men). I knoooow!

Good thing I went to school in the evening all glossy&cutie pie, wearing strawberries shoes&lipgoss. Ain't that sweeet?No!

Right after my class finished,  AUCH! Superman strikes and calls me.WTF! What shall I do?! Answer?!Well, was was another day and more than that I was not drunk anymore so...fine : Hello cutie! I'm out, let's meet!Now!?!Yes, now!Fuck:to my classmates:how do I look?!You're cuuuute...damn!Ok, Superman time has come!

Superman was weird, he wanted to meet me in a restaurant not a bar, a place I never heard about.Restaurant?!

I took the challenge and got there.... I was too shy&reluctant so I made some phonecalls before stepping inside, then when I had no one else to call I pretended I spoke on the phone 'till he called me and the sound fucked up my ear.Hope no one saw that!

Aaaaanyway, I went inside and down on some stairs, the place looked nice actually, pretty sparkling and I my head was spinning with Superman's image, was he tall?was he slim as I like? was he dark?were his eyes blue or blackcurrant?did he had any beautysigns?how about his lips?how many books did he read?did he likeclassical movie directors?did he go to the theatre?why the fuck is he single?it means he's shitty!wait, i'm single too..am I..?!

Oh my god!....

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  1. First, your writing goes quite well in English and... I love that (and envy it a little bit). Then, there's the fun in this post and there is... the waiting part which makes me wonder till next time.
    Ok, I have to see what happens. And the rest of the blog.

  2. hihi, thanks cata! keep stalking and see the end of the story :)

    i've been told my english voice is better than the romanian one..hmmm...what do you think?

    about the rest of the blog, I didn't know what turn it will take but I got it clear tonight it will be a dating blog, afterall, we don;t have many as such do we?