duminică, 12 iunie 2011

Young at heart

After a long period of playing the solitary wolf I finally decided to try some socialising.

Last night, the old center of Bucharest was vibrant. Lots of beautiful faces. Overall, a fresh gleaming energy.

Since I gave up looking for Superman I no longer focus on trying to look amazing. Hell no! I'm natural and it feels damn comfortable!

I don't see women as competitors anymore and neither men as possible victims in my dirty experienced web.

Last night I enjoyed belgium beer, rusty rouge as my marvelous hair, a bunch of 5 spanish guys, singing on the street to a bride that had just been stolen, a bunch of feminist playing board games, the best home made red wine I had had in years, beautiful rain in the garden, perfumed roses caressing my foot.

I danced and I didn't care anymore about men around me, about their pick-up lines and sweaty horny bodies.

I  di met two adorable men tho. No, no, they were both gay. They're so fresh and young(18 and 20 years old!!). And very beautiful.  Met them separately and plan to invite them over a movie to match them. Yeah, I should start to work as a Gay Cupid, eh!?

My night ended with another bunch of high-school people, 16, 17 years old. We had a blast and the best compliment ever was their amazed face  when they heard I was 10 years older than them.

So yes, ladies and gentleman, I am young at heart and intend to keep myself that way!

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