vineri, 22 iulie 2011

Dating rules

Dear all,

Long time, no see, a lot of things on the run.

Along 27 years I've heard lots of dating rules.

-Don't be trashy

-Don't have sex on the first date

-Don't talk abt former relationships too soon.

-Don't drink too much

-Don't talk more than he does.

- Don't do the first step

- Don't be too late/early

-Have your nails done, your hair beautiful, your skin purrfect.

-Don't ever challenge the man . Let him have the feeling he's in charge.

If you ask me, everything is massive shit!

I mean what the fuck!? We have rules for everything! Stay in the queue, respect your parents, be nice to your nrighbours, help your friends, say hi to people who say hi and so on,  sooo excuse me, please but I don't want any dating rules.

Maybe I'd never have a boyfriend again and that's ok but please, cultural patterns or not, social shit or anthropological  shitty rules, don't make me do that cuz I won't.

Where's being ourselves left out of this ecuation?

Are there any rules for that also?

Fuck it!

Pissed of,


4 comentarii:

  1. Dating rules, my ass.
    If you treat the dating game as business, maybe. There have to be some rules in business in order to be successful. But that's kind of it.

    Smaru, there are no rules for feeling happy with yourself. Other then the very essential ones and those do not concern only dating, like.

    Anyways, did you see I passed you a theme to write about? :P

  2. Now this one, dear:
    Hope you'll have fun writing about that (any silly things, at your choice, as I also said: the skeletons under the bed stay there, hihi.