duminică, 23 octombrie 2011

Turkish men( II) or why I cannot date in Turkey

Okey, maybe I overreacted, I am sure there are other cathegories of men rather than the ones mentioned in the post below, I just don't meet them or if I do, they don't like me.

I've got these 2 collegues in the Globalization class, they are cute-both of them-different kind of cuteness-one is hot and well-built and sexy, the other one more delicate. I like delicate men but this time prolly due to my overpheromones I feel attracted f the first one. I look at his lips and imagine them on different places of my body.

Anyway, I don't get anything of turkish men, really-they are so different than anything I know.

I have this friend, he cooks for me and doesn't let me touch anything else, he's acting up like I'm some sort of princess, picks me up with his car and brings me necklaces as travelling souvenirs but I have also this other friend who invites me in his home to cook for him and he's trying totally diferent approach.

I'd rather leave them both wonder for me as....

sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2011

Turkish men(I)

Sakarya, Turkey.
Only one month here and so many glamorous stuff on the list. I like it, it's a new page, so different than everything I knew. It's what I call glamkitsch, oriental glitterpunk. Some things don't make sense and some are as if from another world for me but nothing is boring as far as I'm concerned. One reason or another I refuse to get mad, I discovered a little Buddha whispering all the time:you are calm, you are calm, you are happy or at least try to be, you got no choice.Sarcastic Buddha, forgot to mention.

Getting back to dating in Turkey. Ah!

I had some encounters, I must say. I got bored. I meet the extremes- either pure virgins or horny assholes. I don;t mind actually, as long as I'm safe. Sometimes I am.

Turkish men pay for girls, that's hw they brand themselves. They pay more than in other european cities, I mean sometimes they pay your bus. So if they pay for you it doesn't mean they court you or that you have to give them smth in exchange, they mean you are seen as a woman, as vulnerable, as a child a parent has to pay for. I call it bad habits, some will call it sexism. They don's except anything in exchange but don't abuse your luck and come here expecting fancy dinners in expensive restaurants, you might have to pay then. I might try it once, after my scholarship gets in.

Turkish men are extremes themselves-they are either short and thin or hot and gorgeous, ofc if you like the oriental style. I surely do. Off course, the gorgeous ones either like fake blondes or don't speak english.

Turkish men are a lot. I can smell their pheromones in the buses.They dizzy me up.

They mostly dress up like crap but I've seen the cutest green pullover on a guy plus cutest possible asses in Istanbul. Ah and cutest curls and blue eyes on a turkish man. Scary huh?