duminică, 23 octombrie 2011

Turkish men( II) or why I cannot date in Turkey

Okey, maybe I overreacted, I am sure there are other cathegories of men rather than the ones mentioned in the post below, I just don't meet them or if I do, they don't like me.

I've got these 2 collegues in the Globalization class, they are cute-both of them-different kind of cuteness-one is hot and well-built and sexy, the other one more delicate. I like delicate men but this time prolly due to my overpheromones I feel attracted f the first one. I look at his lips and imagine them on different places of my body.

Anyway, I don't get anything of turkish men, really-they are so different than anything I know.

I have this friend, he cooks for me and doesn't let me touch anything else, he's acting up like I'm some sort of princess, picks me up with his car and brings me necklaces as travelling souvenirs but I have also this other friend who invites me in his home to cook for him and he's trying totally diferent approach.

I'd rather leave them both wonder for me as....

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