marți, 7 februarie 2012

Another surrealist day in Sakarya

I realised that last  few months İ was so busy in trying to figure out why my intresting-weirdish-islamic-fucked up relationship isn't working so İ kinda forgot to look around me and let myself fascinated of the unusual things that seem to glow every day over  me and Sakarya-especially Sakarya to be honest.

Was a beautiful day with glowing sun and 14 degrees in February-a reason to be joyfull hence my brother has - 37 in Warsaw and my mum -20 in Bucharest so yeah you can say Allah is spoillıng me.So to say;)

İ happily went to campus to fish, just like last semester for best classes and best teachers-that is a complicated process but suddenly İ had so many options which is...surrealist for this university. İ said okay, let's see if the dream doen't blow in my face next day and decided to wait a bit. But İ was happy. I carried this warm feeling of safety and pinkyness inside to the campus gym. The student who takes care of the gym started to jump when she saw me-was she that bored I wondered...She is always triıng to teach me turkish and makes me repeat many stuff İ barely understand till she makes me crazy-this time she just grabbed my cheeks and told me in turkish that İ was very sweet and  then added BEAUTİFUL in english!oh well- I just hoped she was high or smth cuz it was her first word in english and i kinda felt proud was adressed to me bwahahah.

After 2 hours of proudly sweating I went out.In front there was this guy waiting -he asked me smth in the gym also but İ didn't quite get it-smth abt a key, İ assumed he lost his locker key, poor him. So yeah he told me he NEEDS to have a caffee with me. İ was kinda confused and...didn't know what to reply cuz he also seemed high, overenergetic and continuously eating my personal space so İ was like mmm okay but İ cant now, maybe next time bla. He wanted phone number and A DATE and a tıme we could meet! Ok I started to freak out and lied him İ don'T know my number so he has to give me his. Then İ ran-he called me-hey, I got my moto, İ can take you home...ummm-I tried not to look intrested-was like yeah...maybe...OK!

So off we went(to be contınued)

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