miercuri, 1 februarie 2012

Turkish broken heart

I have no idea how it looks like cuz I haven't seen any. Only mine keeps trying to tell me I kinda bothered her lately and needs a slack. I keep telling her back hey, not my fault you're sick now, you didn't take care of yourself, you made me fall like a stupid teenage, now shuddup and take it!.

Yeah, Turkey, turkish men and dating. I can write a book about it and eventually I will. I have no intention to whine about it here, was complicated enough to say no more men for a while and NEVER turkish!You know, this is like drinking...till next time:). Hope not!

Otherwise, Turkey is a continuous drama-people here are all dramatic-they live their own telenovelas every day scattered with emotions, tears and fury. Sometimes, it can be even cute-see, I look rather oriental, i.e turkish but a good one, I was told, so I get some attention but not as much attention as a girl who doesn;t look turkish gets, which is fine for me, I couldn't put up with more than that, I'm not that much of an attention slut.
What's funny is that when people(read MEN) start to talk to me in turkish on the street, I let them go on and on, nod, then I tell them in turkish that I don't know their language. Suddenly, their eyes start to glow like a polar bear in the darkest polar night and they show more intrest, much more. At first I was told they are just intrested in foreign people, other cultures and stuff-other cultures my ass!I know what it is!They think european girls are easy to get laid with,that's it, cuz their women preffer to either stay virgin or just have anal or oral sex to keep themselves PURE till the wedding day so POOR turkish men are left without, pardon my french, PUSSY.

So yeah, the other day some guys fallowed me to see where I lived just cuz I told them I am not turkish when they started to talk to me on the street, today Marie, my cute french flatmate told me some guys were snowballing our window. It's not that bad actually is it?It reminds me of highschooool<3.

On another note, we're gonna start turkish classes in university so who knows maybe I can soon pass for an authentic turkish woman and won't see monkey's eyes glowing in the dark. Insallah!

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