sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

Another surrealist day in Sakarya 2

Well, yeah, I couldn't quite resist to a moto so I hoped on and just let myself go. It was comfy and weird, fast and coldish but my adrenaline was high and not in a bad way so I enjoyed it and didnt think about anything else.

I asked him to stop somewhere near my house but not quite my house, the guy seemed to be a stalker and, as I dont live alone, was not quite in the mood for fans.

When I said cok tessekur ederim and iyi aksamlar(thank you so much and have a nice evening) the guy said call me tomorrow, please, call me tomorrow. I was in a bit of shock, no guy asked me with a -PLEASE- for a sign back, it kinda freaked me out but didn't take it too seriously.

I tried to avoid him next days, though we met at the gym and all around the campus-I was saying hi but mentioning I don/t really have time to go out, to his texts where he used names as -princess-.

Well, every girl wants to be a princess at least once, no? If you cannot  make up your mind yet take it as a homework.



The princess of darkness :)

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