sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

French men

2 weeks in France was enough to make some new bias about french men. not bad at all- Paris was full of sophisticated cute dudes always checking you up on the street, trying to talk to you, pissing in the corners of the buildings, screaming at you from cars on the other part of the street and so on. An agressive wilderness which made me feel like a lost Cinderella.

Someone should make a rule in the religious books -NEVER DO YOUR FRIENDS- well, that wouldn't help me much as I am not a religious dudette ....

Once more, France prooved me french men are good in bed but horrible in social encounters, confused, and borderlique so to say(the french for messed-up).

I found french girls I've met totally lacking charm whereas the boys were pretty intresting and charmfull. The afroamerican dudettes on the other hand were awesomely hot...

Let's talk abt this next time, I've got a dinner to start preparing:)

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