joi, 28 iunie 2012

Men as a X-mas pigs stubber

Coming back from Turkey to a even more fucked-up Romania didn't help alot-the politics telenovelas and the general social anger not to mention the ugly dudes(we're on a dating blog afterall^^) make me crawl back to a peacefull Turkey where you can manage much better the gender roles(it's a paradox, huh?) and enjoy life in a totally different way. But we shall see how it goes.

Talking about stuff, romanian men and people generally seem to be lacking any kind of sensitivity towards the other human beings in any way. It feels like being in a nordic country minus the good economy and social development. You can drop on the street or get out naked, no one seems to care-not that I'd mind, it;s a good opportunity to try on my new Eve's suit-just saying...After Turkey anyway when even an ankle-okay-maybe not ankle-but shoulders in the spring, small cleavage in the summer was a reason of joy for other men, this reality seems a bit...weird now. You can say I miss being looked at as to a piece of meeeat!

On a serious note, I miss the smilling faces, the positives attitudes and the warm people of Turkey. Romania is cold as ice and mean as a a X-mas pigs stubber

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