marți, 13 noiembrie 2012

In the darkness(Istanbul poetry)

It doesnt have to be about the dark sides of  Istanbul. I just make it this way.

Coconut and milk all over my face.

Dating in Istanbul is quite easy. You just go out there.

Everything is fucked up even for a girl who looks very much turkish.

Things come and go like a rollercoster. It is dynamic. More than anything.

I might loose myself here so please help me

I found methods of expressing myself but none are acceptable here.

I drink milk tonight.


Istanbul is just another way of dancing around the darkness of our own lives.

The city is a GHOST.

It comes and it goes .It beautifully unfolds.

Wide streets and dark corners. Like  a maze that can never be touched by humans.

Between two continenets lays our beds- your head is on my shoulder.

Get inside me. Please.

The skin around our neks would sound like a piano in the darkness.

Then go away.

Far far away from me.

Like you've never been there.

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  1. Why have you stopped writing? I'd like to read more of your writing. This piece reminds me of something, I guess if you think of it you can guess what. Otherwise I'll just tell you, and I hope you won't get upset. :P

  2. daaa, ill start again:)-thanks!what does it remind you of?

  3. Sma, this poetic Istanbul of yours reminds me of: