vineri, 7 iunie 2013

Old school june mornin' glittter shit

For some of us is all or nothing.

Uhm... some of us get this energy - when we get started -  we DO get started, that is, we go beyond every human limit.  No sleep, no adjusting, we're high till... well...we're not.

Women, that is.

I tend to believe most men are not this way. Fuck'em! :)

Is it a gender thing? Is it genetics? Is it just me being a freak on a personal level? It could be.
Years and experience have thought me this much- accept  some parts of you that are absolutely glamorous, try to be sensible and change whatever makes you unhappy if possible, love yourself floating around bits of golden ashes, smille and  shit on dusty wind poetry.

It might mean nothing for some,  it might mean  sweet coated shit on the long run for others.

It depends how you define shit, of course- people remembering you after years of meeting them. Still yearning for the passion and energy but kind of...looking back at it regretfully with a decision taken on a regular daily basis that doesn't make a difference for any of the parts involved.

Then you smile.Not interested anymore, pal.

 We 're talking about words versus facts. Memories and moments lost in time. Live to tell stories to your children, if ever.

Went to dance tonight. Men and women still seemed to seduce one another, old school way.

On a bar crawl, trying perhaps 7-8  clubs in a raw in one night in all seemed dusty on a gender agenda.

It kinda of made me happy with mixed feelings about it.

Mixed feelings cuz somehow men and women were good boys and good girls  dancing around each other, more or less showing off an innuendo of political correctness attributes.

I should be happy about it-and I am. Yet, my culture showed me differently over time.

Someone used to tell me  the other days I get too easily confused.  I do, yes. It stirs things inside cuz you see, we're the gulping middle generation-we gotta keep up with the old school and gotta adapt to the new shit. It's a radio inside our brains, changing bits, baby.

We gotta make our own way  to a different base on a wave lenght every fucking day. It's called adapting to the tune that society plays for us. Not to mention our personal..well...golden coated shit-sorry for the leitmotif of the mornin', eh.

Who cares, really? Well, I kinda do.

Go to the cinema, eat apples, buy new spices, kiss with no reason, listen to the song below on a Sunday morning :)

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